Movie Review- Race

Movie Review- Race

race-movie-stephan-james-jesse-owens  There is an investment of sorts in the movie Race. Not only was it true story and historic on all accounts, it should mean something to every track athlete at Ohio State. He created a foundation for many to follow and we see his image daily as we train, compete and coach in the sport we love.
Race is the Jesse Owens story, nothing most of us don’t already know. It picked up as he enters Ohio State and tells the tale of his supporters and enemies on his path to the Olympics. They dived into some other subplots as we find out about some backhand deals with the US (the Jeremy Brundage character part of the Olympic Committee had a deal with Germany) and some people weren’t aware of the coach Larry Snyder/ Jesse Owens relationship.

In my opinion, Race was a “safe” movie. It followed all of the normal protocol of a docudrama and a man who overcame adversity to triumph. However, the movie only touched the surface of the issues that Jesse had. We all knew that racism existed during that time, and they showed some glimpses of it but a young child wouldn’t really know how tense things were during that time and I would have loved for that to be shown. To put Jesse Owens accomplishments in perspective on the global scale is what I would have really looked for in a movie such as this.

This movie is worth seeing though. It’s a quality adaptation of Jesse Owens and his journey to Olympic (as well as humanitarian) glory – but, unlike the film’s protagonist, the producer Hopkins rarely pushes the docudrama beyond previously established limits and expectations.

Written by | Rich Nyce

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