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Expanding the Marvel Universe continues to be part of the master plan right now.  I can’t wait to see how all of these movies tie together, create new storylines and otherwise blow the minds of the moviegoers.  Deadpool is the latest installment and they didn’t disappoint!  There was a lot of hype leading up to the movie release, with leaks and trailers and easter eggs all around.  One of the great things that I loved about the pre movie hype is the ability to show us just enough in the teasers and trailers to keep us wanting more.

This movie also dared to do what the other movies don’t do often and that’s break the “4th wall”.  Basically Deadpool was speaking to us and referencing other Marvel movies while telling his story.  There are some great action sequences and if I saw this movie in 3D, I would have definitely enjoyed it that much more.  It started off from the beginning with an intricate fight sequence, which tied to the trailers that most movie nerds may have seen, however the funny part(it definitely felt like an action comedy) were the intro credits.  You will have to pay attention to those but when you do, they should make you laugh. I’m not sure who else could have played this character and it seemed like Ryan Reynolds was destined to play this role years ago, when they eluded to it in the Wolverine movie that came out years ago.

My knock on the movie was Colossus.  He was involved but it was like a glorified cameo.  I felt that they spent their money on Deadpool and creating him, and really not as much on Colossus and his development or overall involvement to the story.  They also included another non descript Xman Negasonic Teenage Warhead? Never ever heard of her…

   The movie is definitely an R rated movie with language and some graphic scenes..this goes away from the typical safe Marvel movies that appeal to everyone.  Of course Marvel has made it a point to want until the end of the credits to offer us more details, teasers or whatever you would have it and once again, they didn’t disappoint.  Moviegoers can expect to get Deadpool 2 with another major character Cable.  This ought to be interesting how they tie the plotlines together.  There is crossover with Deadpool and the X-Men as well as the Avengers and the Civil War storyline if they decide to follow the comics verbatim.

The movie is a great action film if you are into the Marvel Universe and its characters, but it doesn’t need to.  It’s a good movie no matter what!!

Written by | Rich Nyce

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