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What’s good people!?  It’s ya boy Trav Dave and we’re back with another episode of the D.A.B.E.E.S.I.D.E podcast.
This episode is another good one. We talk about our 1st Team All Rapper list. You know how the NBA has the 1st team, 2nd etc…? Well, Dabeeside decided to do our own version with hottest rappers of 2016. Not the best, but the hottest.
Listen as Ceo Reese, Dez Arnez, Trav Dave, Leon and The Kid Blaze give our opinions on what’s hot and what’s not. Also, a heated debate broke out about J Cole being one of the elite emcees in the game.
And this go around we added in a bonus portion of the show. For all the R&B lovers, we have a show dedicated to that and DJ Osharp, DJ Durl and The kid blaze break down albums and the history of R&B music.

Y’all know Dabeeside always gots you covered. Thank you for all your support and tell a friend to
tell a friend.

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Written by | Rich Nyce

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