Artist Spotlight: Ceezar – 500 Miles

Potential is defined as having, or showing the capacity to become, or develop into something in the future. When I first became familiar with Ceezar through his group with producer Satele, called theFWD on Polar Entertainment, It was something about his flow and confidence that made me want to hear more. I was excited to sit and listen to his new EP entitled 500 Miles (roughly the distance between Columbus, Ohio and New York). I can hear the growth and passion in Ceez’s music, but most importantly, the potential to be one of the greats.

Finishing up his freshman year at NYU, Ceez’s new project reflects on his first year of college. Climbing that first mountain can be tough for any young scholar away from home, but the artist explains that he has grown up. The people that remember him as a shorty will recognize his maturity and his coming of age when listening to his latest work.

In this era, it’s refreshing to hear an emcee that has bars, and still has a message without sounding corny, or lame. This is demonstrated on the track “One more time” where he explains he “got a massive scholarship to go speak to the masses”. Satele, who was the main producer on theFWD’s self-titled album, laced Ceezar with a familiar sample, but soulful sound on “Smile”, showing that these two still have great chemistry.

This EP proves to be his most introspective project thus far. He speaks a great deal about his relationships with his mother and grandmother, displaying their tight family bond. People say he’s changed, so he addresses his critics on “Hollywood Ceez” showing that change is a good thing and that evolution is needed for growth. You can literally visualize Ceez chasing his dreams on the title track “500 miles”, which is one of my favorite songs featured on the EP.

Ceez’s endeavor is about more than rap. He is on a mission to take himself, his family and the city of Columbus to the top. It’s going to be fun watching this young man use hard work and dedication to reach his potential, without selling out for his dreams.

Godspeed on the journey Ceezar.

– Trav Dave

You can check out the EP “500 miles” right here

Written by | Trav Dave

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